About Kyle

Barlow Family
Sheena, Josh, Alex, Ashlyn, Kyle

Currently residing in Fort Smith, Arkansas, I am lucky enough to live life with my wife Sheena.  She is the most amazing, beautiful woman who embodies encouragement, positivity and goodness every day.  I also have the privilege of fathering three incredible kids: Ashlyn (19), Alexandra (Alex – 17) and Josh (15), who have been my own motivation to find my way back so many times. My hobbies include watching football, basketball and soccer as well as working out.

I have three master degrees (theology, counseling and healthcare administration).  I am a healthcare executive by day but my true passion is to help others who have fallen – get back up  – and find their way to a life of peace, purpose and passion.

My own passion is to see people rise from tough times just like I have faced.  What qualifies me to write about making a comeback? Because I have actually done it.  From the depths of despair, emptiness and enormous loss – God has taken me and set me on solid ground to a life of peace and purpose I never thought I could have.

Like Tolkein once said “Not all who wander are lost”.  I know’s what it’s like to have wandered away from the right path and let down and disappoint so many.  Through personal failure to doubts about myself and God I soon became faced with two choices: give up or find my way back.

This blog isn’t about having more influence, more money or more likes/social media.  There is plenty of other places better equipped to get that information.  This is way better than that.  Like the warrior King David said about God, “You have put more joy in my heart than just a life full of stuff.  In peace, I am able to lie down and sleep – for you alone God give me purpose and life.”  I have fought many battles on my own journey and….if you need help (or know someone who does)….this can be a place to help you find your way back by bringing hope, encouragement and motivation.


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