5 First Steps to Your Comeback

What are the first steps to take in making a comeback from failure?  What do you do when the wrong turn takes you to a place where it feels like there is no turning back?  Coming back from failure isn’t easy.  But it is possible.  It’s what God’s grace is designed to do: enable us to have the freedom and peace we cannot provide ourselves.

After my first blog post, numerous people reached out about wrong turns they or people close to them have taken.  What was repeated was the struggle and fight to overcome the wrong turns.  I believe there are five first steps a person can take to start their comeback.  These steps are the curve in the U-Turn away from where failure has led you towards the life you want.  My next 5 posts will cover those first steps to take to make that comeback.  Let’s take a look at those 5 steps now:

  1. Throwing the first punch.  The first order of business when turning your life around.
  2. The cleanup after the storm.  The storm moves through in seconds, but the cleanup takes much longer.
  3. Saying goodbye to blessings.  Letting go of what could have been so you can grab hold of what can be.
  4. Doing what is necessary.  Five habits to immediately develop to survive where you are.
  5. Answering that most important question.  What can God do with my life where I am right now?

Like anything worth having, so many times the hardest part is getting started.  Trying to lose weight? The hardest part is getting started.  Wanting to start exercising again? How you start is crucial.  Starting a new business? The foundation laid determines the success.  These five powerful realizations will lay the foundation needed for a great comeback from failure. They will be the start of the journey out of the darkness and towards a life of freedom and peace.

My own comeback from failure and wrong turns led me to believe that comebacks are for everyone.  It doesn’t matter how bad things are or what choices have been made, your comeback is now! Comeback from what?

from regret to redemption

from falling to finishing

from messing up to meaning

from failure to fearlessness

from pain to purpose

from where you are to where you want to go

from just getting by to getting up every day with purpose and meaning

The story of your comeback begins right where you are, right NOW.

Stay tuned next week for the first of five steps: Throwing the First Punch.

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