Thanksgiving in Four Words

I watched a well known sports talk show this morning and people were asked what Thanksgiving means to them.  The most given answers made up the widely known three F’s of Thanksgiving:  family, food & football.  I must say, I can’t really disagree with that.  To most of us, family is what pushes the swing in our life.  It is the people in our lives that make things special.  And who doesn’t love turkey and dressing, sweet potatoes and pecan and pumpkin pie?  It’s as American as the 4th of July.  While football may be small in comparison to things that really matter, to so many (including me) the Lions and Cowboys playing games on Thanksgiving Day – even if just on in the background – bring a sense of comfort and relief that marks Thanksgiving as memorable.

While those three words make my list, something seems to be missing. It seems like a fourth word would make the list complete.

Faith. If Thanksgiving is anything historically and even now, it is a time to give thanks to God.  My faith tells me that, like you, I have a great need for something and someone in my life greater than myself.   To me that is God – who through his son Jesus – has given us our very lives and the next breathe we take we owe to Him.  Talk about a reason to be thankful!

Thanksgiving is a great time to step back and remember our faith.   The more I have lived the greater I realize that being a Christian doesn’t make life any easier.  But Jesus never said, “Become a Christian.  Become a Christian.  Become a Christian.  He said, “Follow Me.  Follow Me.  Follow Me.”  So while life may not always be easier, we have more power and peace when we follow Him.  God is pretty simple in this way: He doesn’t exist to make our lives comfortable – He exists to give us meaning.

What gives your life great meaning?  Is there anything greater than to love and serve the people around you!  I love my three teenagers more because God first loved me.  I can understand them and be a better father because I know the patience and plan He has had for my life.  I love my wife more because I see her as such a precious gift from God that I never want to take for granted – but simply want to appreciate and love.  I love all of my family, not because life is always easy or they are perfect.  No, that isn’t family – that’s fairy tale.  Family is best in action when it is united and rooted in the perfect love of the Father God.  Our life even has meaning that extends beyond our own family to everyone as we join God in reaching a world with His love.   We can help others have a better life.  We get to be difference makers in the lives of others!

David prayed an eloquent prayer in 1 Chronicles 29 when thanking God for who He is. As I enjoy…





This is my prayer of Faith.

I hope it is yours as well.

You, O Lord, are the greatest and power and glory and victory and majesty belong to You.  Everything in the heaven and earth is Yours! This is Your kingdom.  We adore You over all things.  Both riches and honor come from You, and You rule over all.  In Your hand are great power and might, and in Your hand You have the power to make us great and give strength to all!  And now we thank You, our God, and praise Your glorious name.”

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.

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