God Sees You…

Everyone wants recognition in some way.  We crave it.  Beginning the first few months of our life, we all have this need for attention.  Babies get to an age where they start to act out or “show off” because they recognize their parents or loved ones are watching them. This carries on into childhood and even adolescence where the acting out can even be negative – all to get attention.

Do you see me?  Do you like what you see?

As adults we are conditioned to act out or “perform” for attention.  That attention may come in the form of a job promotion, growing a business or how we look.  Grown adults can get consumed – not with health – but how they look all for the recognition and positive feedback from others.

Do you see me?  Do you like what you see?

What’s your struggle this year?   This week?  We all face situations that are tough.  We have put ourselves in those situations by the choices we have made.   But many tough times have us scratching our heads – wondering why this is happening to us.  Where is God in all this?  Does He recognize what I am going through?  Most believe that God is the Creator.  That He is powerful.  But is He a good God?  Is He a personal God?  Most importantly, is He aware of me and my life?

Does He see me?  Does He like what He sees?  

This really is what we all want, isn’t it?  To be loved.  To be recognized as valuable and have some sense of peace and purpose on this Earth – in the middle of our own mess.

Better performance isn’t the answer.  Pointing to what we “do for God” doesn’t earn us any additional love by Him.   Trying to be a better person has its merits, but ultimately falls short in getting us the recognition we need in order to be loved.  Only one thing does… being in the presence of God by resting in who He is.  He sees you and offers you help in your time of need.

Last Sunday I shared a little bit more in depth about this.  You can see that on the link below.  If you don’t have the time to watch it now then know this… God sees you.  He sees your past and your present struggles.  Most of all, He is present and offers His peace and purpose in your life if you will accept His recognition.

See last Sunday’s message here:   God Sees You – October 15, 2017


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